Chasing Academia Constantly

Academia is an integral part o
f our lives whether we notice it or not and being stuck in the loop of higher education is a possibility. It is always a possibility that students might feel trapped in the process of attending classes and taking exams.

Many students might also tend to judge their worth by the marks they have scored. It is good to strive to be better at academic results but just acquiring bookish k45a41e4c837e30aa22cacb6f20176c01nowledge is not enough for the development of one’s character and personality.

Moreover, acquiring knowledge and acquiring skills are two different facets of the same paradigm. To be successful in one’s career, one has to work on gaining knowledge and knowing how to implement the knowledge rightfully to derive results. It is recommended to not chase academia but rather immerse in it to develop as many skills as possible.

Another problem with being obsessed with getting good results in college is that students do not consider the fact that knowledge is ever changing as it evolves according to the time and circumstances. If students are focused on only getting good results, there mental approach to education becomes quite stiff.

In order to obtain a flexibility of the mind, therefore, in most of the universities professors demand students to take part in practical learning experiences. Around the world universities of applied sciences teach students to apply their learnings in real life situations. This is the education of the future. In most countries, a reform of the education system is needed.

Gone are the days when rote learning used to be a thing, now students are forced to understand and apply knowledge. Lastly, as an academic, it is also recommend to get hands on and explore your field outside the premises of college. Getting a part-time job or internship in the desired field is always recommended to hone one’s skills further.