Power of Collaboration

International cooperation and collaboration is skyrocketing. We live in an era where different kinds of people have a different set of skills. All the people possessing a range of skills gather together to create something powerful and they end upcooperation-image-1024x682 doing so because they have all the resources that they need at their disposal.

Around the world, giant corporations, medium and small scale businesses and startups have realised the strengths of collaboration. They are ready to move beyond their rigid ideologies and hierarchies. It has been shown that structure in organisation can be bad for innovation. As innovation is always a prerequisite for success in a competitive world, big corporations are ready to move beyond their inflated egos and do what is good for the organisation.

What makes collaboration so special? The fact that people are able to sit together without any communication gap and work towards a common goal is what makes collaboration extremely special.

In collaboration, there aren’t time consuming approval procedures, where individuals needs to follow instructions from their seniors. It is rather opposite as a collaborative team brainstorms on the different ideas and collectively make the decision to take necessary steps in favour of the project.

Another reason why the concept of collaboration works positively is that each individual learns to grow with their team, and since there is no competition, team members work with a more positive mindset aimed at collective growth.

If you look at the biggest companies in the world, they all are the result of successful collaborative teams that innovate, plan, and implement ideas together. The flow of ideas from all sorts of places is combined to formulate something larger, thus giving diversity of standpoints and perspectives to an organisation. Collaboration is about diversity and diversified groups are known to be more successful.