Top 5 Ranked Universities in Nigeria

Nigeria is the 2nd largest economy in Africa. It is situated in West Africa, and between its capital city Abuja and its largest city Lagos, it has some good universities. However, according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings, for 2015/2016 there was only one university in the country which ranked among the top 800 universities in the world. This university is the University of Ibadan. It also happens to be Nigeria’s oldest university and is ranked at number 601 out of the world’s top 800 universities. The University of Lagos is the second ranked in Nigeria, was founded in 1962 and provides its students with a research-oriented education.

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The 3rd top ranked university in Nigeria is the University of Benin which was founded in 1970. It has a number of faculties, departments and units. It offers courses at various levels which include postgraduate, undergraduate, diploma and certificate. The University is also renowned for its research work with other universities around the world. Why not see what can do for you? They’ve got thousands of educational institutions listed with them and they’ll help you with your application process and match you up to a university that fits your profile. You’ll be kept updated with how your application is progressing as well.

University of high International Reputation

The 4th ranked university in Nigeria is The Obafemi Awolowo University established in 1962.The university has attained the top position among universities in Africa and has a high international reputation. The University has a tradition of excellence and has produced a Nobel Laureate from the staff. The Ahmadu Bello University occupies the 5th position and is a good place to study humanities. All these universities are known as first generation universities and also offer distance learning to acquire knowledge and skills. Nigeria is a diverse country and a good place to experience the culture of Africa and the incredible opportunities offered to students.